Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth is a puzzle-platformer made for the SomethingAwful GameDev Challenge 2015.

The theme that all games had to adhere to for the game development challenge was “Critical Omission”, so naturally our little collection of developers decided on a game featuring a parkouring wizard. The critical admission being that all the obstacles facing the wizard could be easily overcome with magic, except that access to magic would be extremely limited so the wizard would almost always have to resort to parkouring around instead.

The limited time frame for the challenge being what it was, a lot of ideas and content ended up being cut from the game in a dash to actually submit the game before the deadline. Although the game features a fairly effective movement system, we didn’t manage to include any enemies or story elements. This is also why the setting of the only level that was complete enough to made it into the game is fairly incongruous, considering the main character is a wizard.

I was responsible for the level design and environment art in Missing Teeth.

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