Cryolancer is a horizontal shoot ’em up game where you can freeze enemies to make them crash into eachother.

Cryolancer was made in a rather hectic two-week period, and is available for free on

The game was developed with Unity 5. Apart from Eric Matyas kindly providing me with several music tracks for the soundtrack the game was very much a solo project.

The gameplay revolves around shooting enemies, scoring points and dying to overwhelming odds.

The main game mechanic involves using  special freezing attacks to make enemies crash into each other. By shooting down enemies you earn power-ups that replenish health, energy or temporarily enhance your main weapon.

The game is technically endless; it will keep going and spawn new and progressively more difficult enemy waves as long as you stay alive. Due to the short development time you will have pretty much seen all the content after 10 minutes or so though.




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